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The outstanding features

Weducer (Web Producer) permits to make it possible to manage live broadcasts using Smartphone or Pad (Android or iOS), desktop application (Windows or Mac OS X) for unlimited audience. The produces and his viewers are able to communicate in real time, discussing translations.

  • Live broadcast

    Transmit your video in real time on unlimited audience or watch the broadcast from all over the world.

  • On the map

    Start the translation and your viewers will discover the broadcast place, or you may find the area on the map you are interested.

  • Discussion

    Add to chat during the live broadcast to share the impressions about events or ask producer to shoot something specific.

  • Record broadcast

    All translations are recorded automatically and in few minutes are promptly valid after broadcast.

  • Notifications

    Your audience may subscribe to your translations and they will receive notifications after the broadcast starts instantly (only for Android and iOS).

  • External player

    Install the external player on your site, and your visitors will be able to watch all your records and translations.

One touch shooting

Start broadcasting one touch and show all over the world either your friends everything the most interesting, that happens near you or around you in real time. Share the link to allow as many people as possible you to watch.

The advantages of use

  • Growing popularity

    Raise your popularity with regular live broadcasts all the interesting events from your Smartphone, Pad or PC, that happen with you or around you.

  • Brand loyalty

    Daily broadcast everything happening at your company. When the consumers are aware of your business, they will be loyal to your brand.

  • Saving in time

    No need to waste your time typing the text on social networks to describe any significant event, you may start one touch translation and your subscribers will instantly receive notification to watch you at once.

Why Weducer?

How to share interesting event with friends you are watching right now?

To call your friends from address book on Skype, to record, then to publish on YouTube or a short fragment on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, resend by WhatsApp? But what if you want to show the enough large fragment in good quality the people missing your "friends’ list" in real time indeed?

Weducer solves this problem totally: arranged as easy way of personal channel creation with live broadcast of information at any chosen mobile device, Weducer allows to connect the audience as with mobile devices, and desktop computers.

The scope of Weducer is varied: the entertainment events, reportings from a place of events, sport activities, conflict zones, travelling, any interesting events.


Download application

Download application for your platform and continue work in the browser, using web version (only for Windows and Mac OS X, the Adobe® Flash® Player should be installed in your browser).

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Tell your friend about remarkable project Weducer, they were able to start interesting translations immediately and you will watch and discuss together.