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Build your website yourself or order the assembly from us absolutely free.

Weducer is not just a website builder, it is a friendly team that is always ready to help launch and maintain your website.

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We will create your website for free

Whatever the simple website builder, it takes time to master. Time is money! We value your time and want to help you.

In order to save this time, use our free one-page website assembly service.

The service is provided upon payment of the annual subscription to the "Personal" plan.

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All included

With us you get a turnkey website, you no longer have to pay for anything. Everything is included in the price, there are no hidden fees:

  • website creation;
  • hosting;
  • help in registering and setting up a domain;
  • setting up mailboxes on your domain;
  • maintenance of the entire website, as well as its individual components;
  • analytics installation;
  • Google website registration.
How much does it cost?

The website is ready for search promotion

Every website built on the Weducer platform is automatically ready for promotion in search engines (SEO):

  • tag "title", meta tags "description" and "keywords";
  • human friendly urls;
  • meta tags Open Graph;
  • header tags H1, H2, and H3;
  • alternative text for images (alt);
  • automatic sitemap.xml and robots.txt;
  • canonical page address;
  • the ability to connect Google analytics;
  • responsive pages;
  • 404 error page;
  • adding a redirect from www or vice versa;
  • favicon (website icon).
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Our websites are cloudy

There are regular and cloud websites.

What is a "regular website"? These are hundreds or thousands of files uploaded to the hosting. Why is that bad? Have you noticed that programs on your smartphone are updated quite regularly? If you have a "regular website", it will become obsolete in a few months and will not work correctly.

Our websites are cloudy. What does it mean? This means that our websites do not have any outdated files. Each website will receive updates almost every day. Updates are new features, bug fixes, the latest frameworks and scripts. Your website will always be compatible with all modern browsers and devices.

Main functions


1 website


$8 / month

If you need one website for personal use.

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Up to 5 websites


$20 / month

If you want to start making money on websites.

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Up to 10 websites


$30 / month

If your business is website development.

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Prices are in US dollars.
If you need special conditions, just write to us.

Key Features

We spend a lot of effort to create a website editor that can be used by anyone who wants to create websites for themselves, their business or create websites for the purpose of earning.

No coding needed

The days when only programmers created websites have passed, now anyone can create a modern website. If you still need to add the necessary code, there are JavaScript and CSS editors.

Ready design sections

Hundreds of design elements have already been created to quickly create a website. Just add, change text and pictures.

Rich font collection

A collection of fonts adds personality to your website. At your disposal almost 1000 fonts in English, French, German and many other languages.


The style editor makes your website personal. You can create two schemes (light & dark) and apply both to the whole page and to a specific section.

Create any Form

The form editor creates forms for any purpose. It contains standard and specific fields, such as “attach file” or “set date”. Create any form and receive messages to your email.

Animation + Parallax

Surprise your visitors and make them want to explore your website. Animation tools and amazing Parallax effects take the website’s power to a whole new level.

Your domain

Attach your domain ( If you still do not have a domain, we will help you register it and link it to the website.

No hosting needed

You do not need to buy hosting somewhere. Our cloud websites are located on fast servers and open equally well in different parts of the world.


SEO improves search engine visibility. Each website has a Title, Description, Keywords, human friendly urls, H1, H2, H3 headers, Sitemap and Robots.txt.


Each website has an SSL certificate. SSL certificate is an indispensable property of a website that improves indexing and increases user confidence.

Responsive websites

Responsive website out of the box. Just create your own websites and they will all work in both desktop and mobile browsers.


Add your domains, connect websites to them, edit DNS records, configure redirects.

Control Panel

A control panel designed to work on any device where a modern browser is installed. And to work on the go, we have developed a mobile application, now you can create and update your websites even if you don’t have a computer at hand.

Weducer's Control Panel

Desktop version

It works in all modern browsers on desktop and mobile devices. Such as: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge.

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Mobile version

To work on tablets and smartphones iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android, an affordable mobile application Website Producer.

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Why should I work with you if there are many other website builders?

We are customer oriented. And this means that we welcome your comments and suggestions. We are always ready to help you, including creating your website.

Can I connect my domain to the website?

Yes, you can connect your domain. To do this, register the DNS servers: and

Can I set up email on my domain?

Yes, you can configure mail on your domain. To do this, in the Control Panel, register the necessary entries in the DNS settings of the domain. If you do not know how to do this, write to us.

Can I edit my website myself after you create it?

Yes. This can be done in the desktop Control Panel or in the mobile application.

What if I lack design elements or I need a new feature?

Just write to us which elements or functions you need and we will realize them as soon as possible.

What if I need more than 10 sites, but you do not have such a plan?

Contact us and we will create an individual plan for you.

Can I move my website to another hosting?

Our websites are cloudy and do not have physical files on any server, so you cannot move a website.

Install Website Producer

Android applications are now ready for download and use. The application for iPhone / iPad is being approved by Apple now. Use the web application.


All websites work equally well in different parts of the world

Our servers are installed in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Germany, Singapore, India.

In the near future, servers will be installed in Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

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We respond quickly, on the same day.

* You are very important to us, all information received will always remain confidential.